Farm to Fresh: August 20
August 20, 2014
Farm to Chef: September 17
September 18, 2014

We have a couple of fun, new things to talk about this week over here at Metropolitan.

First, we are excited to continue our partnership with Agro Acres on the Metropolitan/Lemongrass garden. Todd Smith and Sarah Knebel have been a big part of the raised bed gardens in the lot on West Street beside Lemongrass and Metropolitan – they are a very progressive duo and are great partners for Metropolitan. Chef Steven met with them yesterday to discuss a plan for late Summer planting. They also provided us with new sod for the lot which looks wonderful.

Second, Chef Steven met a farmer from the Wynne Farm in Pasadena, MD. Her Father was one of the creators of the Riva Road Farmer’s Market. She’s bringing us some lettuces, cabbages, and beets to transplant into the garden. He also picked up some Gala apples and Moonglow & Shisheki pears from her for specials this week.  He also spent a fair amount of time with Farmer Ray Davis of the Good Luck Farm (as usual). He picked up some beautiful peppers, kale, tomatoes, and raspberries from him. Be sure to check out the menu this week for some of this delicious fresh produce!

This week at the Metropolitan our Foodie Burger of the week is the Chesapeake Bay Burger  made with a Maryland black Angus burger topped with crab dip and Old Bay aioli. The flat bread of the week is the Smokey Mozzarella Mountain. It’s topped with red sauce, smoked mozzarella, onions, tomatoes, and arugula.

As usual, we have great nightly specials and some exciting new desserts. We’re currently serving up a blood orange creme brûlée, a caramel raspberry bread pudding, grilled madras curry dusted chicken with coconut curry cream and grilled strawberry kabobs are just a few of the specials you’ll find. We are also in the beginning stages of designing our Fall menu. Get ready for some different dishes to add to the Annapolis dining scene that you won’t want to miss!